Daily3PL Fulfillment is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a specialized approach to merchandise fulfillment and logistics, ideal for apparel brands that need flexible solutions. We provide comprehensive Shopify and Amazon fulfillment, robust data analytics, and complete e-commerce services designed for the unique challenges of apparel markets, which include:

  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Last-minute trend changes
  • Products with a short lifecycle
  • Large catalogs of SKUs
  • Apparel return management

Daily3PL understands these industry-specific concerns and can help you stay competitive. Learn more about how our unique capabilities can complement your apparel brand’s growth strategy.

Why Choose Daily3PL to Be Your Apparel Fulfillment Solution

Companies across every e-commerce sector are turning to third-party logistics (3PL) organizations to stay lean, responsive, and agile. However, not all 3PLs provide the same services or have the right degree of industry expertise, so choosing your 3PL partner is a key strategic decision. This is especially important in the highly competitive fashion e-commerce fulfillment industry. At Daily3PL, we provide these advantages:

  • Experience: Streamline your business operations with our decades of hands-on knowledge in logistics, forecasting, supply chain management, and more.
  • Integrated Technology: We use cloud-based systems to integrate and manage every step of fulfillment.
  • Complete Services: Our capabilities for apparel brands include fulfillment, third-party logistics management, packaging and shipping, and warehousing. We handle all these needs under one roof, speeding up your time to market.
  • Reliable, Efficient Management: We optimize every workflow to reduce friction, costs, and potential delays. As a result, we help minimize order cancellations and increase average order value.
  • Cost-Effective: Our competitively priced services are designed to reduce shipping costs without sacrificing your profit margins.
  • Customer-centric Approach: Our fast and reliable forecasting, shipping, and logistics processes mean stronger relationships between our clients and their customers.


Daily3PL provides turnkey logistics capabilities for every stage of your merchandise fulfillment process. Our services include:

  • Pick, Pack, and Ship: Fulfill orders faster through our streamlined pick, pack, and ship services.
  • Kitting and Packaging: We provide custom packaging to enhance unboxing and branding.
  • Warehousing and Storage Solutions: Our advanced warehouses and distribution centers offer safe, secure storage for all your apparel products.
  • Inventory Management and Tracking: With our advanced inventory management tools, you can maintain optimal stock levels, forecast sales trends, and lower operational costs.
  • Data and Analytics: Get a complete view of your sales, inventory, costs, and overall supply chain so you have the insight to make better business decisions.

We Have the Technology to Handle Your Apparel Fulfillment Needs

Technology is at the core of modern business success. Automation can close gaps between your sales and merchandise fulfillment workflows, and real-time tracking ensures you stay on top of rush orders and multiple storage sites. With deeper data analytics, you can forecast based on changing trends and short product lifecycles.

Find Your Apparel Fulfillment Solution Now

Daily3PL is committed to the success of our apparel clients. We understand the challenges of doing business in this highly competitive and dynamic industry, so our technology-forward processes are built to keep your brand on the cutting edge of sales and merchandise fulfillment. Contact Daily 3PL today to schedule a detailed consultation or request a custom quote.