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Daily 3PL is a one-stop provider for all of your e-commerce packaging and fulfillment needs. Our seasoned experts specialize in e-commerce packaging, warehouse shipping, logistics, e-commerce inventory management, e-commerce data analytics, and lean practices. With Daily 3PL, you can streamline your systems for a smoother, more competitive operation from the moment your product is ordered until it is delivered to the customer’s door.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

e-commerce fulfillmentWith more than a decade of experience in e-commerce fulfillment, the experts at Daily 3PL understand what it takes to make sure that your customer gets their products quickly and efficiently. Our fulfillment services include everything from the moment your customer places their online order. Our e-commerce fulfillment services include:

  • Order Fulfillment Services. At their most basic, our order fulfillment services include picking, packing, and shipping products to your customer. 
  • Order Management. In addition to basic fulfillment, we offer complete order management, which includes receiving, tracking, and fulfilling orders across the entire sales network.
  • Inventory Management. With our inventory management services, we keep an inventory of your products, restocking and forecasting orders as needed to ensure speedy, reliable fulfillment of every order.
  • E-Commerce Shipping. We help you decide on the right delivery methods for your online orders, including drop shipping, standard, priority, and overnight, as well as what to charge for them.

Pick, Pack & Ship

cardboard boxesAt Daily 3PL, we understand that every operation has different needs. Our pick, pack, and ship services are designed to pick your product from inventory based on your order list, pack the product into appropriate containers, and ship them to the customer using the correct method. We offer a range of uniquely designed pick, pack, and ship services to meet your needs. Those services include:

  • Piece Pick & Pack. The piece pick and pack method is the most basic picking method. Employees take one list and pull all the products on that list from the shelf before moving on to the next order. 
  • Batch Pick & Pack. A more efficient method for large orders, batch pick and pack employees focus on pulling the same item from multiple lists at once. This reduces the amount of legwork and improves fulfillment efficiency, as employees will not have to return to the same area repeatedly.
  • Zone Pick & Pack. Zone pick and pack takes the batch method a step further by keeping employees in one specific zone and moving the list between areas. The picked materials are then compiled from multiple zones via a conveyor or automated robotic system and shipped from a central location.
  • Wave Pick & Pack. Similar to zone picking and packing, employees remain in their zones but pick products for multiple orders at once.

Warehouse & Storage

warehouse storageWith Daily 3PL’s warehouse and storage services, you can enjoy the convenience of secure storage and comprehensive inventory organization. Using state-of-the-art data tracking, you know how many products you have on hand, when they arrived at the warehouse, and how long they have been on the shelf. There are many benefits to using Daily 3PL’s warehouse and storage services:

  • Faster Turnaround. Daily 3PL maintains warehouses across the country, which keeps your products closer to your customers for a much quicker turnaround from order through delivery.
  • Better Product Organization. Our warehouses and distribution centers are kept clean and organized, with state-of-the-art inventory tracking to prevent misplaced or lost inventory.
  • Reduced Stress. When you work with Daily 3PL, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all of your e-commerce orders are being handled from beginning to end with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.  
  • Save Time and Money. Outsourcing your warehouse and storage to Daily 3PL frees up a significant amount of time, which allows you to direct your manpower and resources toward expanding your core business. 

Inventory Management & Tracking

inventory trackingOne of the most critical aspects of e-commerce fulfillment is inventory management and tracking. To ensure that your products are in stock and efficiently organized for quick shipments, Daily 3PL uses a variety of inventory management methods. Some of the most effective inventory management and tracking methods include:

  • Pen and Paper. Some successful small businesses still use standard pen-and-paper methods for tracking inventory, using a manual card filing system.
  • Excel Spreadsheets. Small companies can also track low volume product movement and inventory levels with basic Excel spreadsheets, but pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets become less effective as order volumes increase and your business grows.
  • Third-Party Logistics. Companies like Daily 3PL offer e-commerce order fulfillment services from beginning to end, reducing your stress and allowing you to keep tabs on your inventory while focusing on your core business growth.
  • Mobile Apps. iOS and Android mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among startups and small businesses. Specialized apps offer a user-friendly method for tracking small order quantities.
  • Inventory Tracking Software. For growing businesses and large scale operations, inventory tracking software is one of the most effective and efficient ways to maintain inventory records. Using barcodes and scanners, these systems help warehouse operators keep track of products entering and leaving the warehouse, for accurate numbers that ensure quick order fulfillment and rapid restocking.

Benefits of Tracking Inventory

Using Daily 3PL’s inventory tracking services improves the efficiency and productivity of your e-commerce operation. You can rest assured that the products your customers order will always be in stock, which reduces the potential for out-of-stock orders or backorders.

Reliable and timely product delivery helps to shore up your customer base and keep your company’s reputation intact. In addition, our real-time tracking methods mean that you can avoid time-consuming inventory recounts. Your employees have time to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Data & Analytics

data analyticsDaily 3PL offers comprehensive e-commerce data and analytics services to help you tailor your business plans. Our data analytics systems create actionable insights from raw data to help you:

  • Identify Popular Products & Ensure Happy Customers. Your inventory management data will help you keep track of which products show the most movement, so you can keep your most popular products in stock and your customers happy.
  • Enhance Product and Inventory Forecasting. Using historical data, you can track your customers’ buying trends in order to predict income and forecast your inventory needs for seasonal sales and promotions.
  • Determine Complementary Products for Marketing. Daily 3PL’s e-commerce data analytics help you identify which product combinations sell better together. 

Kitting & Packaging

kitting and packagingShipping multiple items becomes even easier with Daily 3PL’s e-commerce management services. Our kitting and packaging services are engineered to enhance the efficiency of your shipping processes by grouping related products together. We also provide options to build your own kit for product combinations unique to your operation.

There are many benefits of using Daily 3PL’s kitting and packaging services, including:

  • Lower Costs. You save time and money by combining your inventory management, warehousing, and shipping needs into one e-commerce fulfillment service. You can then direct these extra resources into growing your business and improve your bottom line.
  • Handle Demand Surges. With our inventory management, kitting, and packaging services, you can plan for seasonal and promotional increases in demand and quickly restock when demand is unexpectedly high.
  • Fulfill Multiple Needs. Our kitting and packaging services allow you to offer more products that can be kitted together for quick, seamless order fulfillment. With easy access to products that fulfill other needs, your customers will be more likely to purchase multiple products on your site.

Choose Daily 3PL for Outstanding E-commerce Fulfillment Services

Whether you are operating entirely online or expanding your brick-and-mortar operation to reach a wider market, Daily 3PL has the knowledge, facilities, and experience necessary to streamline your e-commerce operations from the moment your customer places the order through shipping. Using the latest in inventory management, data collection, and analytics, we can help you focus on your most popular products, grow your business, and plan for fluctuating demand. 

Contact us today to learn more about the ways that Daily 3PL can streamline your e-commerce operations.


Our e-commerce fulfillment services help you optimize inventory, manage costs, and strategically plan for future growth. Our goal is to connect you and your products with your customers as quickly, smoothly, and cost effectively as possible.


We have the ability to ship 50,000 packages per day, with the flexibility to accommodate custom packaging. Orders placed before noon PST are processed on the same day, with accurate and effective software tools which allow you to keep tabs on everything. We also have the in-house regulatory and logistical know-how to get your products out to your customers no matter what.


Our 70,000sf Southern California warehouse is equipped with a state of the art video surveillance system to ensure strict inventory control. If your storage needs exceed our current capacity, we are happy to partner with customers seeking large-scale warehousing for their products.


Our cloud-based inventory management software gives you a complete overview of your products and shipping status, while easily integrating with your existing back-end systems. From one place you can now easily manage your inventory at distribution centers, brick and mortar stores, suppliers, and other drop shippers. Bar code scanning keeps tabs on inbound and outbound orders, with enhanced capabilities to monitor expiration dates or recall faulty products.


Our data-driven analytics tools allow you to take full control of inventory management and forecasting. This helps set your business up for future growth, and make smarter supply chain decisions along the way. Get insight into inventory levels, marketing campaign conversion, shipping costs, transit times, average fulfillment cost per order, and much more.


Whether you are looking for bags, promotional packages, apparel, or custom printed boxes, we have the right resources to get your project completed in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are also set up to handle complex kitting and assembly procedures with multiple steps.

We also offer our customers these tailored services:

On-site QC laboratory services
and R&D capabilities

Graphic design and
marketing support

Packaging & promotional
materials procurement

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