Do you have a business that relies on ecommerce? The world of data and analytics has transformed the way we do business. Whether your company has a need for logistics services, supply chain management, forecasting, or project management, Daily 3PL can help. We bring decades of experience to the table to make sure your product goes from “A” to “Z” with accuracy and efficiency.

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Data & Analytics Capabilities

Our data-driven analytics and solutions make it possible for you to effectively manage your on-hand inventory and forecast for the future. This will pave the way for company development and lead to improved supply chain decisions over time. Get information on inventory levels, marketing campaign conversion rates, shipping expenditures, transit times, average fulfillment cost per order, and much more using our data-driven analytics tools.

Enhance Communication

Shopping cart abandonment affects every online store. To combat this situation, tracking the shopping experience from start to finish is critical in determining what post-abandonment marketing strategies may be utilized to eventually convert consumers. It’s critical for ecommerce businesses to utilize ecommerce analytics solutions and automate post-abandonment communications, which will result in greater income without requiring a lot of time or effort.

Customization is the act of tailoring content to suit the demands of individual users. Companies may use our ecommerce analytics tools to meet consumer expectations effectively and swiftly, resulting in increased client happiness and retention.

Improve the Quality of Traffic

Present day consumers are savvier than ever; they demand that businesses listen to and respond to them when and how they want. Customer analytics transforms your data into useful insights that can help you anticipate what customers want and find the most efficient way to boost sales.

Companies may also reduce costs by focusing their marketing efforts on prospects who are likely to convert and reducing marketing expenditures on customers who aren’t likely to buy.

Web servers keep track of the surfing behavior of internet users in web logs. From there, you can create statistical models that predict users’ next requests based on their current activity from these records. These data are difficult to interpret because they are huge and sequential in nature. Researchers have previously devised various approaches for creating association-rule-based prediction models using such web logs.

Analyze and Create Customer Segments with High Value

Export your customers’ data from your CRM, integrate sophisticated data enrichment to compute predictive customer lifetime value (CLTV), and create a segment of consumers with the highest CLTV. After that, send this group to Facebook or Google, where you may optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) by targeting only those consumers who are most likely to purchase.

Our Segment Analysis function enables you to see which segments are performing well (or poorly) and adjust your marketing plan accordingly. Easily gather data from any number of data streams, evaluate distinct demographics across numerous channels, and group comparable segments to measure the relative success of each.

Advantages to Using Data & Analytics in Third-Party Fulfillment

Anticipating Needs Proactively

Organizations are under competitive pressure to not only acquire customers, but to also anticipate and understand their customers needs, by doing so, so they can provide a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. In order to accomplish this, companies will need to obtain and sort through multiple customer identifiers such as a cell phone number, email, and address to assign a single customer ID.

Mitigation of Risk and Fraud

Use of statistical, network, path, and big data approaches for predictive fraud propensity models will result in real-time threat detection processes and automated alerts and mitigation. Improved fraud risk management procedures will follow from better data management.

Providing Relevant Items

The lifeblood of any business is in its products, and the greatest expenditure that corporations make is on them. The product management team’s job is to recognize trends that will shape a strategic roadmap for innovation, new features, and services. When market demand shifts or new technology emerges, effective data collection from third-party sources, combined with analytics, helps businesses remain competitive by staying relevant, designing the right products for the market, and reducing costs.


Structured data remains a challenge for businesses, and it must be fast in order to manage the volatility that comes from consumers interacting via digital technologies today. Advanced analytics allow for real-time reaction and making the customer feel special, which is only possible through big data.

Optimizing and Increasing the Customer Experience Quality

Analytical approaches may be used to improve productivity and efficiency in the field as well as manage an organization’s labor force in order to meet company requirements and customer demands. Analyzing data and analytics at the end-to-end level, as well as monitoring key operational metrics from the end user’s perspective, will guarantee that continuous improvements are implemented on an ongoing basis.


Evaluate today’s big data industries to understand how vital data has become to businesses. The solutions offered by Daily 3PL include the following industries: agriculture, ecommerce, retail, healthcare, and finance and banking. Regardless of whether you’re in the business of analyzing massive amounts of data, if you want to succeed in today’s market, you must embrace data-driven operations.

Daily 3PL has partnered with some of the biggest names that generate (and need) big data, including Amazon Web Services and UPS/FedEx. Our ecommerce data analytics services will help you get your products to market faster, more efficiently, and accurately.

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The Daily 3PL team is passionate about leveraging data enhance logistics and supply chain management. If you’re an ecommerce retailer, we can help with your ecommerce analytics services to get products to consumers faster, in a more streamlined fashion, and without costly errors. We also offer data solutions that will aid the healthcare, banking, and agricultural industries, improve productivity in the field, as well as manage labor force requirements to meet company needs and customer demands. Regardless of what type of business it may be – if you want a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, embrace big data by partnering with us!