packaging and shipping

Packaging & Shipping

At Daily 3PL, our expansive range of packaging and shipment services enables us to provide our customers with a convenient one-stop shop experience. Our expert team has the necessary experience to handle all aspects of the packaging and shipping process, ensuring fast, reliable, and affordable fulfillment services for a range of industries and applications.

Packaging & Shipping Capabilities

We offer fast shipping options such as same-day, next-day, or two-day shipping. This allows customers to receive their goods much quicker compared to traditional fulfillment operations. We also utilize automation technology to reduce the risk for error in both inbound and outbound shipments. 

At Daily 3PL, we can ship up to 50,000 packages per day and have the flexibility to offer custom packaging. All orders placed before noon PST are processed on the same day using effective and accurate software tools that allow you to keep tabs every step of the way. We also have in-house logistical and regulatory know-how to ensure your products get to your customers no matter what.

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Advantages of Packing & Shipping With Daily 3PL

Working with Daily 3PL for your packaging and shipping needs offers the following advantages: 

  • More expertise and experience. We specialize in logistical operations, meaning we have the tools, skills, and knowledge to conduct them efficiently and effectively.
  • Increased cost savings. We have greater leverage with individual shippers and shipping companies. This means we can negotiate better pricing based on order frequency and volume, resulting in significant shipping cost savings. The contracting company also saves on fulfillment, inventory management, and warehousing costs since they no longer need to have the equipment, staff, or space required for logistics operations.
  • Improved scalability. Working with us makes it easier to manage changes in customer demand. We can easily scale down or scale up based on current demand.
  • Enhanced customer experience. We offer a variety of fast shipping options, enabling customers to receive their products quicker for a better customer experience.
  • Reduced risks. Working with a third-party logistics company reduces overhead labor costs, eliminates company reliability associated with warehouse-related injuries and damages, and decreases insurance costs. Additionally, the contracting company is not liable for facility leasing or regulatory compliance when it comes to warehousing and distribution operations.
  • Optimized inventory control. We specialize in inventory management, meaning we have the experience, equipment, and technology to ensure your inventory is accurately counted and replenished on time.
  • Decrease in error rates. Our operations are combined with automation technology to reduce the risk of error for all shipments. 

Industry Applications

We can provide services for a wide range of industry applications, including:

E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce packaging allows you to give your customers a personal touch. We offer a range of box types and infill materials to create the best e-commerce packaging experience for your customers. 

Warehouse & Storage

Our 70,000 square-foot warehouse has a superior surveillance system to ensure strict inventory control. If your storage requirements exceed your current capacity, we are happy to partner with companies looking for large-scale warehousing for their products.

Inventory Management & Tracking

With our cloud-based inventory management software, you have access to a complete overview of your products and their shipping status. This software easily integrates with your existing back-end systems. Our inventory management and tracking capabilities allow you to manage your inventory at distribution centers, suppliers, brick-and-mortar stores, and other drop shippers. We also offer barcode scanning to help you keep track of inbound and outbound orders, with enhanced capabilities to recall faulty products and monitor expiration dates.

Data & Analytics

Our data and analytics capabilities allow you to take complete control of forecasting and inventory management. This prepares your business for future growth and allows you to make better supply chain decisions. You also gain insight into average fulfillment costs per order, transit times, shipment costs, marketing campaign conversion, inventory levels, and more.

Kitting & Packaging

Whether you need custom printed boxes, apparel, promotional packaging, or bags, we have the resources to complete your project in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can also handle complex and multi-step kitting and assembly procedures.

Packaging & Shipping Services at Daily 3PL

In addition to our contract and private label manufacturing capabilities, we offer a range of fulfillment and integration services after your products are manufactured. From inventory management, warehousing, and e-commerce order processing to picking/packing, shipping, and website integration, Daily 3PL can accommodate all operational logistics needs. To learn more about our capabilities, contact us today.