Vitamins and CBD

The natural and synthetic supplement industry has witnessed remarkable growth, surpassing the $25 billion mark and continuing to expand year after year. This expansion is due in part to third-party providers who play a pivotal role in distributing supplements to retailers, consumers, and wholesalers through various channels. However, manufacturers face a recurring challenge in finding the right fulfillment company capable of overseeing and guaranteeing the timely delivery of their supplement products.


Amid the worldwide trend toward online consumerism, the e-commerce fulfillment of supplements and vitamins has begun to overtake the conventional brick-and-mortar retail approach. Modern consumption patterns have given rise to innovative supply methods, including online subscriptions, adaptable delivery services, and bundled offers. This necessitates precise and effective fulfillment solutions. The diverse global regulations and laws in this industry pose challenges for shipping vitamins and supplements across borders. An effective and qualified third-party logistics provider can help mitigate these challenges by implementing their understanding of the shipping, handling, and storage requirements of supplements and vitamin products.

CBD Industry

CBD supplements have seamlessly entered the mainstream market, appealing to consumers of all ages. Brightfield Group’s insights reveal that millennials aged 23 to 39 comprise almost half of U.S. CBD users. This growing millennial interest aligns with the increasing popularity of self-care practices nationwide.

The idea of self-care transcends generations, drawing attention to its emphasis on nurturing mental, emotional, and physical well-being. People are actively seeking ways to manage daily stress, rising anxiety levels, and the ever-accelerating pace of life. In this context, third-party fulfillment and logistics companies have become essential for the CBD industry, ensuring the smooth distribution of these products to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Demographics and Buying Habits

Several key factors play a significant role in influencing consumers’ buying habits, including the following:

  • Brand Loyalty: Consumers often form strong attachments to certain brands, driving them to consistently choose products from those brands. Loyalty is shaped by product quality, brand reputation, and consumers’ emotional bond with a particular brand.
  • Price Sensitivity: Cost plays a crucial role in consumer buying choices. While some consumers are open to paying more for luxury items, others seek budget-friendly options with good value. Factors like the consumer’s budget and market competition can influence their price sensitivity.
  • Product Quality: Providing high-quality products that deliver on promises and meet desired outcomes is essential.
  • Social Influence: Social influence strongly shapes consumer decisions. Recommendations from friends, family, social media influencers, and celebrities hold considerable weight. This sway is especially strong among younger generations, who are more inclined to be influenced by the reach of social media.

Choosing the right third-party e-fulfillment center can help you find your niche in the world of vitamins and CBD supplements by ensuring product integrity through fulfillment services, controlling costs, and bolstering your brand reputation.


The CBD market continues to navigate a regulatory gray zone, even years after the Farm Bill legalized low-THC hemp. This delay has notably affected products such as CBD edibles and tinctures meant for ingestion. The FDA has not established guidelines for legally selling CBD ingestible products.

Daily 3PL’s offerings to the Vitamin and CBD Industry

New CBD and vitamin brands are popping up regularly, making it important for everyone involved in the CBD supply chain to understand evolving consumer trends. This insight empowers hemp cultivators and supplement creators to employ branding strategies that deeply resonate with these discerning consumers. When the time comes to introduce products to the market, targeted marketing differentiates products and fosters brand recognition and customer loyalty. Ultimately, customizing each process step to align with end consumers’ preferences and needs is paramount.

Fulfillment centers serve various purposes: some focus solely on warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping, while others also engage in product manufacturing. For instance, if you lack manufacturing facilities for vitamins and supplements, you would seek fulfillment centers capable of producing these products on demand. This proves particularly beneficial for sourcing such items. Many specialized fulfillment centers with manufacturing capabilities can even handle private labeling for the vitamins and supplements they produce.

With a decade of e-commerce fulfillment expertise, Daily 3PL knows how to ensure speedy, efficient product delivery for your customers. Our complete range of fulfillment services covers everything starting with your customer placing an online order. Here’s what our e-commerce fulfillment includes:

  • Order Fulfillment Services: Our fundamental order fulfillment services encompass the complete process of picking, packing, and shipping products directly to your customers.
  • Order Management: We offer comprehensive order management involving receiving, tracking, and fulfilling orders across all your sales channels.
  • Inventory Management: Through our inventory services, we maintain stock of your products, restocking and predicting orders to guarantee quick and reliable fulfillment.
  • E-Commerce Shipping: We guide you in choosing the right delivery methods for your online orders, whether drop shipping, standard, priority, or overnight. We’ll also help you set the right charges for each option.
  • Integration : eCommerce integration with whichever sales platform you have.

Partner With Daily 3PL

Based in Southern California, our warehouse offers efficient and budget-friendly fulfillment services supported by data-driven logistics. We’ve partnered with preferred carriers to secure discounted rates, ensuring cost-effective operations that minimize order cancellations and boost average order values. Our main goal is to make the connection between you, your products, and your customers smooth and affordable. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive e-fulfillment services.