Daily 3PL E-Commerce & Fulfillment Services

Daily 3PL is your go-to logistics expert for all your packaging and fulfillment needs. With decades of experience in supply chain management, product forecasting, project management, automation, and lean practices, we can help you get your products on the shelves and foster trusted relationships with your customers. 

E-commerce fulfillment is a multifaceted process that is initiated when a customer places a product order and completed when it arrives on their doorstep. Anything from receipt of goods, to storage, inventory management, package processing, and transportation to final destination, Daily 3PL has you covered.  

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What We Do: E-Commerce & Fulfillment Services at Daily 3PL 

At Daily 3PL, we leverage our many years of experience in logistics and e-commerce fulfillment to provide our clients and your customers a seamless experience.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

We have the capability to process and ship up to 50,000 packages per day. Our system is highly efficient, and provides flexibility to accommodate your custom packaging requirements. The process is user-friendly and provides full visibility and tracking throughout.

Upon request, we can pick, pack, and ship out same day any order placed prior to 12pm (PST).

  • Efficient: Everything happens in one place. You don’t have to keep track of which products are in which storage facilities. It’s all right here.
  • Cost-Effective: A one-stop shop saves you money by bundling all the services you need into one price, and managing all those services on-site.
  • Flexible: Standard and custom solutions are available to suit your brand and your customer needs.
  • Short Turnaround: Well-designed pick and pack systems are quick and efficient, reducing shipping times for your customers. 

Warehouse and Storage

Daily 3PL is based in Southern California with a 70,000-square-foot warehouse, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and video surveillance for strict inventory control. We have strategic partnerships that allow us to accommodate large-scale storage needs. Warehousing services offer several benefits:

  • Faster Shipping: Storing your products in warehouses that are strategically placed throughout the country provides closest proximity to your customers, reducing shipping time frame for product delivery and overall expense.
  • Better Organization: Detailed organization improves accuracy, prevents loss, and decreases delivery times. 
  • More Time Savings: Let your fulfillment partner manage the organization and location of your products while you focus on growing your business. 

Inventory Management and Tracking

At Daily 3PL, we use cloud-based inventory management software that fully integrates with your existing system to give you a clear overview of every product and its shipping status, whether it’s in the distribution center, on the store shelf, or anywhere in between.

Down to detail inventory management and tracking makes it easier to do business:

  • Keep an Eye on Your Inventory: You’ll know where your products are and which are low in stock.
  • Eliminate Waste: Monitoring expiration dates and low inventory helps you avoid paying for extra storage, offering heavy discounts in an attempt to move products at the last minute, and throwing away out-of-date items. 
  • Delight Your Customers: When your inventory is accurate and your shipping is fast and efficient, your customers will grow to trust you. 

Data and Analytics

We consolidate and analyze your inventory and shipping data to enhance management of your on-hand inventory and accurately forecast for the future.

With key insight into your marketing campaign conversions, shipping costs and inventory levels, fulfillment cost per order, and more, you’re equipped to grow your company, negotiate with suppliers, and more. This type of information is big for your business:

  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Utilize automated picking technology for more accurate and efficient order fulfillment. 
  • Flexibility: There are many ways to examine and use the data. With informed forecasting, for example, you can predict the need to add employees to manage increases in demand during promotions or certain times of the year.
  • Performance: Key metrics help you track employee performance, from productivity to conversion and more, to determine who needs training or support. 

Kitting and Packaging

Custom bags, boxes, and apparel help create a personalized experience for your customer, and we have the resources to manage your kitting and packaging quickly in a more cost-efficient manner. It’s a streamlined system that saves you time and money:

  • Increased Efficiency: Kitted items can be stored together in the warehouse to prevent employees from wandering all over the space to pick the items. 
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Streamlining helps all aspects of your business, from reducing the time it takes to fulfill an order to reducing the number of people you need to hire.
  • Increased Product Sales: Kitting is a smart way to move products that may be less popular or that people are hesitant to try, thereby helping you reduce waste and improve turnover ratio. 

Working With Daily 3PL & Fulfillment

We’re proud to be your partner in packaging and e-commerce fulfillment services, offering fast, reliable, and affordable services backed by data-enabled logistics. You’ll benefit from our transparent pricing model, our pre-negotiated discount rates with preferred carriers, and years of industry experience.

Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can help you do business.